You Are At The Zero Point Of Creation

Zero Point

The choice is whether to try to return to what has been completed or birth a new life, a new society, the New Earth

The new moon eclipse on 21st June showed us we have come full circle, arriving at the zero point of creation. We are in a place of wholeness and nothingness in the same moment.

It is from this zero point all of creation is born.⁠⁠

The choice we face is whether to try to return to what has been completed or birth a new life, a new society.

It is for each of us alone to choose the values and principles on which it is to be based.

This six week long eclipse portal, plus the retrogrades, seems to have the effect of requiring more sleep. Whether in dreams or flashbacks, past events have been re-appearing. They indicate what needs to be accepted and acknowledged.

To me it feels there is a call to bring forth the ability we all have as humans to care for one another. Though in a different way to that society has directed us to this moment.

This path which will lead us through the eye of the needle into the Age of Aquarius.

The next six months being the period in which we can envision the framework for our New Earth.

As detailed in the Message From Source in You Are At The Zero Point Of Creation:

“It is for all to create not to be given or allow others to create it for them. This is the moment for creation to be co-operative, and most importantly recognised as such.”

Then Comes The Sixth Retrograde

Five planets are already retrograde and Venus becomes the sixth on the 24th. Its focus though is to re-set our values and how we view our world through our hearts.  .

The combination with Mercury will re-envision our cultural norms and so assist in creating a new kind of humanity.

More details are in You Are At The Zero Point Of Creation as well as eight ways to help you navigate the last six months of 2020 with ease.

Not sure the actions to take, I invite you to a discovery call to free you to grow in the direction of your choice. I have a few openings left in the two weeks from 22nd June, so Take Action NOW to explore possibilities.

To Creating From Your Zero Point


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