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Your Solar Plexus Indicates The Power You Have To Create Your Life

Have you ever had one of those “gut feelings” which has stopped you or guided you as to a choice to be made?

Did you wonder why you felt the choice in your gut rather than head?

That is because the neuro-transmitters in the brain have the same configuration as those in the digestive system.

Meaning, what we feel in our gut influences our brain and so our mood and mindset.

The main function of your solar plexus is to provide the energy to create momentum in your life. To move forward and realise your personal desires and intentions.

Digestives Issues? What Is The Message About Your Personal Power?

As such the solar plexus plays a fundamental role in the development and exercise of your personal power.

Which is why those with a weak solar plexus chakra view themselves as victims.

They have nothing to run toward, they put up with poor treatment.

Their lack of harmony in the solar plexus is likely to manifest in problems of digestion and metabolism. Hence why in addition to issues of weight, I have listed in the story on Medium.com Lost Your Power, Want Money To Flow To You?”, a variety of symptoms from poor energy flow through this chakra in the centre of the body.

When imbalanced you will face financial challenges such as finding it difficult to earn and also save money!

When your chakra is balanced and active, then you will easily become a money magnet. As an entrepreneur, customers are attracted to you as well as sales closed.

The state of this chakra indicates whether you become fabulously rich, or falter and fail.

For the message of the third chakra is: “You have the power to choose”.

More is set out in my post Lost Your Power, Want Money To Flow To You?” as are some suggestions to inspire you to create harmony in your solar plexus chakra.

To Standing In Your Power


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