Katarina Sidova & Elaine McLaughlin – September 2018

Caroline & Gregory are two beautiful souls. We spent two amazing weeks at their Quinta and we felt so nourished, relaxed and loved going home.

Caroline shares her lovely heart filled with compassion, care, support and kindness. She greets you with a lovely smile and big warm hug every morning so your day starts with lots of love.

Gregory is happy to share his wisdom when you have any questions about many aspects of life and he gave us helpful guidance & support for our journey, which we needed at the time and which will help in our future.

He performed a beautiful Full moon ceremony on the night before we left. It was a very special evening and it was a pleasure for us to be part of it and we thank them for doing it.

Their place is very beautiful in so many ways. Views of the mountains from their veranda were breath-taking. It was so peaceful and calming just to sit there and observe it. Time really stops there.

Working on their land was a pleasure not a chore. Caroline made delicious food from what we picked in the gardens and sharing meal times with them was a tasty delight.

I would highly recommend volunteering at their Quinta or visiting for a therapy/workshop.

With Love

Katarina from Slovakia & Elaine from Ireland

Katarina Sidova & Elaine McLaughlin - September 2018