Renata Moiseicuka – April 2019

Quinta da Luz is a place to re-discover the beauty of one’s own inner realms. The down-to-earth spirituality experience allowed me to feel more complete and whole, to be able to expand on my personal journey, and experience life of harmony on both – spiritual and material dimensions.

I definitely gained much more than I could have ever imagined under loving and caring guidance of Caroline and Gregory.

💓 I highly recommend this place for those who are on a spiritual, self-development and healing journey.

☀️ I also recommend to visit the place just for its natural light and tranquility – when travelling in the area and willing to have a peaceful break.

🍀 Plant-based (vegan) visitors will enjoy this place a lot! Expect to be treated with extremely tasty vegan cake(s)!

Renata Moiseicuka - April 2019