David Spivey – November 2017

1st visit – Thank you for your warmth, hospitality, compassion and wisdom.  I look forward from the start of this journey to the richness of our developing friendship.  May the spirits speed my journey back to Portugal.  With warmth, blessings and love.

2nd visit – As I reflected on my stay it was a rich and eclectic mix of experience. I really enjoyed meeting your friends and members of the Serra community and listening to their life in Portugal, and joining your Friday night yoga class.

My rituals were again insightful and rich on many levels, I look forward to how they unfold. The Quinta is beautifully set up with different energies. I find it a unique place to instinctually tailor the process. Thank you Gregory for your insights and feedback on my experiences.

Until we meet again my thoughts and love are with you,

David Spivey - November 2017