Daniel Gustafsson (Poem) – May 2017

Silence in the ship, to mingle for what? Work for something. It gives land in sight. Under the sky, the shadow of the foothold to put anchor on. Receiving rocks like comrades to land by, with the smell of algae. A piece of land of cleanest sand. Where I stand and breathe freshly, to do one thing at a time….. First, to harvest my memories for a while, beyond the battle. To remember my innermost peace…. The peaceful continuous peace, which does not disappear beyond all the mirrors of the sea, where the joker reflects, with it’s tongue, in the tongues of the waves. There is peace of mind, which is not threatened, or contradicted, by eternal imaginations. In the circuit… Neither of the wet animals, in the mountains changing holes. The echo in the cave does not make the frog bigger, who squeaks. An echo also does not give any milk. Like the goat. My individual is still standing in the experience of the sand, between the inner world of my feet. I’m investigating the purity, and arise. My stride caress the sole. Thank you.

Daniel Gustafsson (Poem) - May 2017