Charlene Whyte and Pascal Merat – August 2019

Finding ourselves at Quinta da Luz was written in the stars for us as they say. Not a planned meeting but one that seemed meant to be.  A very happy surprise that led us to you beautiful people and souls.  We loved our days as gardeners and we love your constant appreciation.  Thank you for loving conversations that were filled with guidance, understanding and connection.  Thank you for showing us byond Quinta da Luz and all its splender.

The time spent on the quartz rock and our girl’s shopping day will remain special memories to never be forgotten.  I was grateful to participate in the fire ceremony and explore my spirituality in a new way.  I truly enjoyed the guidance and positivity I received from the oracle cards each morning.  Thank you Caroline for all of the your loving and nourishing meals.  I enjoyed working beside you in the kitchen and learning from your years of knowledge.  Thank you for welcoming us like family and giving us a space to be creative, be relaxed and be ourselves.  With light and love.

Charlene Whyte and Pascal Merat - August 2019