Thank you for sharing your wonderful home, garden and kitchen with me.  I have enjoyed all of the meals and conversations.  You are two of a kind in spirit and generosity.  I hope you will come to America for the Premier of my play and movie!

Rod Mechem - December 2018

Caroline & Gregory are two beautiful souls. We spent two amazing weeks at their Quinta and we felt so nourished, relaxed and loved going home.

Caroline shares her lovely heart filled with compassion, care, support and kindness. She greets you with a lovely smile and big warm hug every morning so your day starts with lots of love.

Gregory is happy to share his wisdom when you have any questions about many aspects of life and he gave us helpful guidance & support for our journey, which we needed at the time and which will help in our future.

He performed a beautiful Full moon ceremony on the night before we left. It was a very special evening and it was a pleasure for us to be part of it and we thank them for doing it.

Their place is very beautiful in so many ways. Views of the mountains from their veranda were breath-taking. It was so peaceful and calming just to sit there and observe it. Time really stops there.

Working on their land was a pleasure not a chore. Caroline made delicious food from what we picked in the gardens and sharing meal times with them was a tasty delight.

I would highly recommend volunteering at their Quinta or visiting for a therapy/workshop.

With Love

Katarina from Slovakia & Elaine from Ireland

Katarina Sidova & Elaine McLaughlin - September 2018

Thank you for the opportunity to rest and enjoy food together in your beautiful and magical home.  Your hospitality and warmth felt genuine and welcoming and encouraging – a space filled with the ever changing light of the mountain and the soft and calm of a peaceful life. I have loved the conversations and enjoyed the laughs and surprises.  Magic and timely.  We will see you again, Victoria

Such a peaceful, joy-filled and insightful time, thank you for sharing your home, garden and produce, love and conversation.  I hope the garden is bountiful in the season to come.  Love and light to you, Stephen

Victoria and Stephen Black - October 2018

Thank you very much for these peaceful and restful days with you both.  I have enjoyed getting to know you better, trying food from your spiritual garden and exploring the cave of my soul.  I will go back to my day to day reality stronger, peaceful and ready to tackle a new phase of my life.  We were meant to meet each other and I am very glad we did.  I admire your calm and presence which I will try to develop throughout my live.

We are blessed to have encountered your path and were wonderfully welcomed to the peace of your home and it felt like a much needed retreat these two days.  We are very grateful.  Thank you!!

Antonio and Jessica - August 2018

It’s a wonderful place here just to be.  No one expects something from you, that’s a great gift.

My days passed so quickly and I think that is a very good thing….  I love that special view of the mountain when staying in the garden.  Everything is calm and warm.  Just as Caroline and Gregory are.  They take a lot of care and that’s a good feeling for me.  Caroline is an awesome chef, her meals are so good and she was always up to mind my vegan diet.

Wish I had more days to see all the places up in the mountains they recommended.  Caroline and Gregory are very open minded and conscious and I like their spiritual way and to talk about these things.

Thank you for the good energy.

Christine (Tine) Knauft - July 2018

Once upon a time I walked into this house and what seemed to be like another dimension, higher one, where time stopped in my life for two days.  I stepped into an Indian time, to atmosphere where I can sense talk of Mother Earth and Divas blowing on her skin.  I had intensive and personal Shamanic course with Gregory, which I am grateful!!  I was blessed to meet them and spend time with them.   Spiritually I return home.  I also had the opportunity to meet volunteer worker Anouk.  Who has a singing voice like an Angel.

I loved the energy of the house, it seemed balanced and elevated the people too.  Once again thank you Gregory and Caroline.  It was a privilege to get to know you and be your guest!

Heidi Mattila - June 2018

Thank you, for the wonderful time, before I leave I have to confess a crime. I ate all your apples and a load of lemons, but you should still have enough to carry on.  In exchange I build you a big Hugelbed, so hopefully you are not all too mad.  I really enjoyed my stay in your beautiful house, thank you for everything, in love Klaus.Thank you for this wonderful time.

Klaus Gruber - February 2018

My stay with Caroline and Gregory has been such a great tonic.  My first 3 weeks in Portugal have been wonderful here.  Such warmth and friendliness and a very comfortable stay.  It has been great to enjoy the fruits of the garden too and to remember how blessed we are.  Thank you so much for having me.

Rachel James - February 2018

My time on the Quinta was amazing and full of so many lessons. Thank you for your support and opening your home and heart to me

Hasna' Abdulmajid - December 2017

Thank you Gregory, Caroline and Gavin for not only putting up with me! Thank you for sharing and including me in the love, support, Warmth and happiness that is within you all, your family and your home!

Thank you for the support and guidance you have shown me during my stay and thank you for helping me understand my own worth, love and desires.

This is not good bye, it is see you soon.

Marc Pearson - December 2017