Thanks a lot.   What a great joy to spend the days on such a wonderful place with such loving and warm hosts.

Andreas Artem - January 2020

We will forever cherish you and the memories built together, but most of all your warm care and guidance into finding ourselves and our inner peace and daring to create a new creative path in our lives.

You created such a magical healing place which I’ll always remember as a place of light and connection.  Love and being … thank you.

Irina Soldaeva & Bogdan Ghinea - January 2020

Thank you for your hospitality and help with Portuguese bureaucracy. I had a great time.

Pascal Merat - October 2019

Thank you from my heart for the opportunity to come and stay in this beautiful space.  I feel very grateful and blessed and your generosity and kindness humble my soul.  This is the second time you have opened your space to me and welcomed and treated me like family.

Your Quinta is a delight to be part of and sharing time, energy and beautiful food and conversation is truly a blessing and something I will cherish in the year ahead.  Your land brings me home to me and thank you both for letting us share it and you.  Love and light.

Elaine McLaughlin & Katarina Sidova - August 2019

Please come and visit me in Tomar, you are welcome to spend the night.  Lovely to talk, to share food and to visit your home. Thank you!

Ivan Sellers - August 2019

Thank you for your very kind and generous hospitality at such short notice.  We spent a wonderful evening with you both as well as Elaine and Katerina who had prepared a delicious curry. I slept very soundly in the luxury of your house having had a week sleeping in a tent at Duncan’s! Not that I didn’t enjoy the tent – in fact I was getting used to it.  Thank you for  lovely conversation and sharing with me your vision for life and your land as well as the places to discover in Serra da Estrela.

James Love - August 2019

After an amazing wedding ceremony in May, you now gave us a very special honeymoon : full of love, laughter, good conversation, guidance and nourishment.  Thankyou so much for this, it was a wonderful and transformational  experience!   You helped me reconnect with (my) nature again, which is the greatest gift of all.

I will cherish that and use all the lessons I learned from you; the tree, the elements and the medicine wheel to continue my path and help others find theirs.  Together with horse, hummingbird, owl, eagle and jaguar.  We’ll be back.  Lots of love and light.

Aranka van der Pol & Eric Verhoeven - August 2019

I thank you.  For holding a Heartfelt space and home, making me feel at home. This place holds a magic and a grounding, which holds a frame for me to dig into my essence and has ignited me to carry on the light.

Thank you to Gregory for doing what you do, and sharing your guidance and shedding a light on my Trust. Thank you to Caroline, for your warmth, compassion and motherly care. I feel why I was called here and already looking forward to my return to this Divine place – A piece of Heavenly Peace on Earth. Blessings and Love.

Stina Hollesen - August 2019

It was a truly beautiful gift to share your space and energy.  Definitely look forward to the next visit.

Carol Orcaza & Marc Pearson - July 2019

What more can I add to the words of my husband.  From the bottom of my heart: Thank you dear Caroline and Gregory for offering me a real home during my stay, for the beautiful guidance of Gregory for letting us be who we are.  You’re both truly special people and I/we would love to see and hug you again.


Nynke Geus - August 2019