My time on the Quinta was amazing and full of so many lessons. Thank you for your support and opening your home and heart to me

Hasna' Abdulmajid

Thank you Gregory, Caroline and Gavin for not only putting up with me! Thank you for sharing and including me in the love, support, Warmth and happiness that is within you all, your family and your home!

Thank you for the support and guidance you have shown me during my stay and thank you for helping me understand my own worth, love and desires.

This is not good bye, it is see you soon.

Marc Pearson

On my journey through the Portuguese serenity, meeting Caroline and Gregory in their Oasis of Love. I have found my next puzzle piece for my own quest for ther Tree of Life. Thank you for Everything.  (Tree of Life diagram not included)

Itzhak (Shanti) Lousky

The Quinta da Luz has become more to me now than it already was.  It’s always amazing and amusing to be here.  Greatest blessing to all of you here for creating and maintaining this wonderful place.  It is a perfect retreat place!

Melanie Reeg

First time here but I hope not the last……. Many thanks for making the spaces available and accessible on a “democratic” level.First time here but I hope not the last……. Many thanks for making the spaces available and accessible on a “democratic” level.

Hendrik DeWilde

Eternally thankful for the soul journey and enlightenment that I’ve been searching for.  Gregory’s guidance has brought me to another birth within myself.  A new beginning and outlook on myself and the life ahead of me.  Excited and grounded more than ever, thankyou.

Carol Orcaza

1st visit – Thank you for your warmth, hospitality, compassion and wisdom.  I look forward from the start of this journey to the richness of our developing friendship.  May the spirits speed my journey back to Portugal.  With warmth, blessings and love.

2nd visit – As I reflected on my stay it was a rich and eclectic mix of experience. I really enjoyed meeting your friends and members of the Serra community and listening to their life in Portugal, and joining your Friday night yoga class.

My rituals were again insightful and rich on many levels, I look forward to how they unfold. The Quinta is beautifully set up with different energies. I find it a unique place to instinctually tailor the process. Thank you Gregory for your insights and feedback on my experiences.

Until we meet again my thoughts and love are with you,

David Spivey

A truly beautiful space that I felt relaxed in from when I arrived, thank you.  I have some wonderful memories of staying here that I will cherish as long as I live.  Being here has taught me much that I’m sure will help serve as I go on.  May the divine creator bless this house and all souls that come through it. Thank you for everything!!

David Kocoglu

Staying in your lovely home has truly been an amazing experience. We have really enjoyed having dinner with you almost everyday, enjoyed having great insightful conversations and enjoyed your kindness and hospitality. We look back at the last nine days with happiness. Also thank you for all the places you recommended for us to see, we enjoyed it all. We will definitely be back in Portugal and hope to see you again. Also I will send a picture of Max when he is finally walking. He developed so much during our stay here. Lots of love.

Bjorn, Maiken and Max

Layla – That was an honour and joyful major download for us to be here with you. Thank you for shining your light and the work you do! I love you all.

Robert – Wonderful and beautiful connection with wonderful and beautiful hosts. With honour and gratitude.

Layla and Robert