Forthcoming Events

Workshops – 2020

Find Your Place In Your Life With Family Constellations

✩✩✩ EVENT 10th January 2020 Find Your Place

If you feel sometimes invisible, or if you have some difficulties to express your opinion, or if you have the sensation that nobody is listening you, or if you lack of self confidence, this workshop could be an opportunity to shift your reality and start to build the life you deserve.

✩✩✩ Orianne Corman will lead participants to be free of such restrictions and so able to live life as they desire it. She has more than 20 years of experience as a Family Constellations Practitioner. She is the founder of the Academy of Systemic and Relationship Coaching. Her facilitation is in French, English and Portuguese.

You can participate as a representative, a witness or a client. All will give you access to a deep healing of transgenerational wounds.

✩✩✩ It is an Opportunity to:
Discover the power of Family Constellations
Let go any toxic loyalty you are holding without knowing it that prevent you from success, love and good health
Find your place within your family and in your life that could help you to create a life with abundance, joy and love
Cut any unfinished connection with an ex-partner, or somebody who left too early
Make peace with your parents, an ex-partner, your children

The Investment in this opportunity is €60 pp. It is limited to 10 people.
Refreshments will be provided to all during the afternoon. Please bring something to share during a wind down meal afterwards.
Transport: Details for travel to our Quinta will be provided on booking.
Accommodation : can be booked at Quinta da Luz for the nights before and after the event.

Any question, please email Orianne at:

Expand My Vision

✩✩✩ EVENT 28th and 29th March

✩Extend your awareness and experience into the unseen world for insight and the unknown.
Be introduced to the shamanic experience of journeying, meeting your guides, power, spirit and totem animals.
Connect to the energies of a medicine wheel, stone circle and a labyrinth.
Learn powerful, effective tools to let you tap into the unseen world for insight and healing which requires no external authority, intermediary, or even beliefs.
Experience journeying to meet other versions of yourself and receive initiation into the Inner Circle of Light.

✩ Donation for the workshop €297. You are welcome to help us as a volunteer or to pay according to your means.
✩ Food: Luncheon and refreshments will be provided for the Saturday and Sunday. These use locally grown produce and are freshly prepared vegan and vegetarian. They will have flavour, colour and medicinal properties to support your physical, mental and spiritual bodies.
✩ Bring some clothes to keep you warm should there be a cool air whilst enjoying the garden and its delights.
✩ Transport: Information for travel to Seia is provided when booking.
✩ Accommodation can be booked at Quinta da Luz for the Friday to Sunday nights, or longer if you wish to enjoy the tranquility and healing it offers.

✩You are welcome to arrive early and/or stay longer to enjoy the tranquility for your own silence retreat.
✩ Go here to learn more about Shamanic Events in Portugal or contact Gregory at the Quinta.

Retreats – 2020

Transform and Create

Gregory holds these retreats in the calm tranquil energy of the Quinta. Each is designed to enable you to create your life of harmony. At core this means addressing beliefs which are limiting your life, both personal and business. For many they will appear as pain and discomfort, physical as well as emotional.

Need to change, yet do not have time to?

Do you feel unable to make the next step in your life and so your conscious business or career?

Know you need to take action now, and not sure where or how you can?

Do you desire to clear the emotional burdens, core issues and limiting beliefs restricting you and your conscious business?

Desire clarity as to your next steps yet unsure how to do so?

If so, then Gregory´s intensive coaching retreat here at the Quinta is many steps deeper than even the VIP coaching days he holds.

All coaching is a deep and personal process, commit to spending four consecutive coaching days with us at the Quinta then we guarantee you will look, feel and be different by the end of these four days. The retreat is for seven days in total so that You can integrate all that has been achieved before you step back away from the Quinta.

Each of the first three coaching days will have a different focus. That for the last coaching day will be on you gaining clarity as to the next steps to enable you to enjoy your unlimited potential and so that of your conscious business.

Carried out whilst you enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Quinta, this also means it is possible for integration to take place as well as those empowering ad hoc conversations. Recognising you may wish your accountability partner, colleague or friend to also benefit, the retreat is for two.

Our recommendation is to arrive the day before the retreat commences. To allow for assimilation and integration after completion of the intensive focus on transformation, a further three days stay is included. Seven nights in total – though as others have done, this can be extended.

To read some testimonials and more details visit or contact Gregory at the Quinta.

Yoga at the Quinta

Exploring Yoga Day – Next Dates to be Confirmed

This day is suitable for all, especially if you already have an interest in Yoga and perhaps would like to delve a little deeper into it as a lifestyle, as opposed to just a weekly class?

As well as practising asanas and learning about their benefits, the day will incorporate some partner Yoga and learning more about the 8 limbs of yoga. We will be delving a little deeper into certain groups of asanas, for example balances, to increase focus and concentration.

You will have a chance to learn different breathing techniques (pranayama) and their benefits. For example, there is a great and simple breathing technique called Sheetali, which can greatly help you handle the Summer heat! And we will also practice some partner yoga – Gregory with Fran in the garden!

You will further understand the significance and importance of chanting AUM and have two sessions of the beautiful practice of Yoga Nidra (to understand more about Yoga Nidra and for a free session –

We will all bring something to share for a nutritious vegetarian lunch.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle.

The day will mostly be spent in the living room of the Quinta so it will be very cool, although there will be opportunities to enjoy the garden and views!

The cost is €40, though Fran is open to a part exchange if the cost is a restriction for you.

Yoga Retreats

The Quinta also hosts Fran Moulder´s Yoga Retreats. These five day full board retreats provide two hours of practice each morning and afternoon. In between enjoy the peace and calm of the Quinta, perhaps watching the ever changing Serra view or take a walk in the surrounding area. Or, book a massage or other energy work.

Arrive at a time to suit you on Sunday, giving yourself moments to settle, relax and have an early night, before the programme begins on Monday morning.

It is such a beautiful experience to rise with the sun gently and begin the day with a silent meditation every morning followed by an hour and a half of gentle warm ups and asanas, concluding with 30 minutes of deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra.

The afternoon yoga class will vary during the week. Some days concentrating on back bending, another day standing asanas and balances, depending on the energy of the group.

Every night after our evening meal we will gather to watch an inspirational film, Mantra chanting or come together to share the space in silence. This will ease you into the beautiful night and provide you with all the relaxation you need for a good night’s sleep.

Dates for 2020 are yet to be confirmed

The cost per person, including all meals and refreshments, is: €679 or €599 for early bird bookings made more than six weeks in advance. To book go to the Event Booking Form or for more details contact Fran at or Caroline via the contact form.