Fun, Learning & Staying

One of the aims for the Quinta da Luz is to make it a place where everyone who visits or lives here enjoys each day, whilst continuing to expand through learning more about each of us, and all that is around us. The vision is therefore to co-create at the Quinta the environment to do this, whether by means of working or just enjoying the many different and varied aspects it offers. For those who seek further understanding and help on their journey we host events, courses and workshops here at the Quinta. More details are set out in Forthcoming Events.

The intention is that all visitors whether coming to stay, volunteer or attend an event know the Quinta is a place of peace, abundance, joy, love, balance and harmony from the moment they arrive. The aim is that all those who visit will have experiences and shifts in their perspective and understanding that will positively impact their lives, so when they leave they will spread this word wherever they may be.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself
– George Bernard Shaw

Young oak leaves at the Quinta

In addition to events offered at the Quinta we also list those at our sister site, Quinta da Ribeira, which is about 30 minutes drive by car. If there are any other events you might care to host utilising the Quinta then please contact Caroline via the online form.

For those wishing to attend one of the events offered at the Quinta follow the link to Forthcoming Events or go to the online booking form. If you wish to stay at the Quinta then please fill in the Accommodation Booking Form. Details for making payment can be found on the Payment page.