You Know Your Purpose, Will More Pain Ensure You Reach It? 😉

Your Purpose

Everything we experience is on the path of our soul – the good, the bad, and the ugly

We have been told many untruths about our soul´s purpose. In particular we have been led to believe when we are aligned with our soul’s purpose life will be easy. We will view our life through rose tinted spectacles. Our lives will be full of fun and joy as we float through it.

Not True

That said you have been preparing for this moment your whole life. Whatever it is – business creation, relationships, home…all of it.

For we bring into this life, challenges, fears, sadness and deeply painful experiences, as well as vows made in other lives – On Purpose!

You have some decisions to make that will change the course of your life.

Your soul has been and is asking you to take a chance on the path that feels the most rewarding rather than what your “mind” recognises as safe and secure.

Each soul has only one purpose in each life – to expand and evolve.

Which cannot be achieved by remaining the same. The structures we grew up with are dissolving so we can build new ones.

The only challenges which repeat are those which are incomplete or the lesson has yet to be accepted. Either way a pattern is established which will repeat in this life.

They repeat because your soul is triggering you to take action to change the pattern.

Such events appear to awaken us to our truth. To step beyond the beliefs, habits and patterns which our unconscious mind uses to direct our lives.

These limiting beliefs result from our individual experiences as well as group consciousness, including our ancestral lineage.

More insights are in my story “You Know Your Purpose, Will More Pain Ensure You Reach It?” .

Successful Yet Not Fulfilled?

Different paths appear for us to choose our own way forward.

To help you move through this process, there are five questions in the story you can ask yourself.

Your answers will help indicate your mindset – are you directing your purpose or have you passed this to others?

Identifying the message behind any pain and dis-comfort you are experiencing.

Once you address the most limiting beliefs you have about yourself, others, the world, and reality as a whole, your soul can then expand – which is its purpose!

Which is why so many who are called successful are not fulfilled.

They feel they are not on purpose, whereas in fact they are!

Only the soul´s purpose is to first unravel their limiting beliefs.

Which means this is the moment to rise above the idea of lack and failure as change continues to sweep through our lives.

Never before have opportunities for release, rebirth and breakthroughs been so easy and supported by Spirit.

As my joy is helping you expand and evolve, I have been wondering how to help you navigate through what is emerging.

These events are going to require a series of choices, and yet the opportunity is immense…

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More insights on how your soul creates challenges to allow it to expand and evolve can be found in my story: “You Know Your Purpose, Will More Pain Ensure You Reach It?”

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To Living Your Purpose


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