Your New Beginning Is Now, Not Tomorrow 😄

New Beginning

Release any attachment you may have to events unfolding in a certain way

The new beginning is taking shape.

Though release any attachment you may have to events unfolding in a certain way.

The alignment of the Moon, Sun and Saturn on 20th July asked you to not place your trust in others – rather listen only to your inner voice for answers and guidance.

This is the only voice that can enliven and enrich your life.

Tense opposition to Saturn means one of our lessons is about having healthy boundaries and learning to live within restriction.⁠

Yes travel and movement is now possible, though are the chains of society being released or re-imposed? Free to pursue your own calling or only what others allow you?

⁠We are at the pivot point in the shifts underway where we know there is no return to life as it was at December 2019. Saturn always reminds us about patience, steady progress, honesty and diligence.

My story “Your New Beginning Is Now, Not Tomorrow” has more insights for the coming months.

Open The Door To Your New Beginning

There is also another Message From Source.

25th July was the Day Out Of Time in the Mayan calendar. It provides the most opportune day to make shifts in your life — mindset. beliefs, in who and what you may think yourself to be.

In many cases, the old not giving way to or supporting the growth of the new is, in some ways, asking for it.

Those in authority (including you) not supporting the unfolding of the new, individuated, diverse forms of expression.

Over the coming six months we are going to be asked to question any activities which provide us with personal gain at the expense of the gain of others.

Missed making shifts on the Day Out Of Time, then I invite you to a discovery call to free you to create your next steps. I have a few openings left in the two weeks from 26th July, so Take Action NOW to explore possibilities.

When full, this moon will add another twist with regard to forging a new path. One which is spiral in nature rather than the linear thinking we grew up with.

More on the emerging themes as well as questions to help you navigate through them are in my story “Your New Beginning Is Now, Not Tomorrow”.

To Your New Beginning,


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