Reading Energy as a Medical Intuitive 😉

Medical Intuitive

Did you know you have the capacity to read energy as a medical intuitive?

When you learn to tap into these innate powers, you open to greater wisdom, insights, and the energy of Mother Earth which is all around you.

Once you open to your intuitive powers you can use them to clear and balance your physical and spiritual immune systems. Opening you to the natural “health-promoting” flow of beneficial energies — effecting deep change at a cellular level.

Next Saturday, 18th July, quantum healer, teacher, and author Mona Delfino will help you discover how to open to your innate capacity for reading energy as a medical intuitive. She will guide you to connect intuitively with animals, plants, and totem animals…

…practices that can boost your health and vitality and deepen your heart connection to the natural world of Mother Earth.

You Healing Power As A Medical Intuitive

You can register for Reading Energy as a Medical Intuitive: Strengthen Your Healing Power By Connecting Intuitively With Plants, Animals & Totems here.

Its 60 minutes will guide you to greater understanding of yourself and the Earth we inhabit. In it you will learn how to:

  • Boost your spiritual immune system using heart medicine to relax your body and ease the pressure past traumas are placing on your adrenals
  • Use crystals as conduits for improving the focus and effectiveness of your healing work and for clearing negative energies
  • Explore the special mission that plants have — and how reading them helps you make healing changes where needed
  • Expand your access to wellbeing and spiritual awareness provided by animals who tune in to us at a heart level.

You will also experience a sound healing designed to help you surrender to self-acceptance and expand your self-trust, the core of our intuition.

Your body needs the healthy flow of energy to prevent or heal illness, as well as the focused intent and power of your mind — your intuition — to enhance healing and enable you to thrive.

Mona is highly skilled at reading energy and at helping others understand how to tune in to the energies within and around them to produce self-healing in deep and lasting ways…

To me this is a wonderful opportunity to open your own innate abilities, gifts and skills.  

You will experience powerful approaches to using elements from the natural world, the balancing resonance of sound, and the intuitive wisdom of your heart. Experiencing how to read and work with healing energies as a medical intuitive.

It may even open the doorway for you to create a broader vision for your own service to others.

You can RSVP for free here.

To Using Your Own Abilities


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