Are You Ready To Enter A New World? 😎

Your New World

The structures of our life are being destroyed so we can re-build them more attuned to our desires

The full moon and lunar eclipse on 5th July opened the gates to a new world. Β 

It is going to force us to disrupt essential patterns and re-align the direction we thought life is taking us.

Until we know our direction we cannot move out of the void of creation we are in.

Saturn is retrograde to 29th September. It governs the structures of our life and what we build – whether a home, a business or a dream.

During this retrograde, your future plans will probably take a step backwards.

Are You Ready To Enter A New World?” has more insights for the six months to December.

There is also another Message From Source.Β Β 

As well as explanation as to our first taste of rebellion and revolution from Saturn in Aquarius. This will be nothing compared to what is initiated come December.

Two keys to realising the potential of July are amongst the many other points in β€œAre You Ready To Enter A New World?”

Not sure the actions to take, I invite you to a discovery call to free you to gain insights into your vision. I have a few openings left in theΒ  two weeks from 7th July, so Take Action NOWΒ  to explore possibilities.

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