Lacking Your Vision? No Connection To The Creator? 😒

Your Vision Is To...?

Unable to think clearly, apathetic, depression, many ideas yet no action taken? Your crown chakra is probably not open

The current eclipse portal is asking whether you choose to allow yourself the vision to create the New Earth? In that trusting the unknown while finding the answers within.

Do you have lots of ideas and yet never take any action?

Suffer from migraines and tension headaches?

Feel lost and alone, trying to fit purpose into your work rather than work being a joyful expression of your true purpose?

Constantly feel the need to seek approval from others in making any choices, especially money?

Have emotional fears of no connection to the Creator, loss of identity, and lack of connection with yourself and people around you?

Welcome to some of the signs of an unbalanced or blocked crown chakra.

Others following from a lack of vision and inspiration, include confusion about what you want to do in your life.

I have written the story Lacking Your Vision? No Connection To The Creator?” to inspire you to open your crown chakra to its full potential.

The crown chakra is the energy centre that is responsible for thought, awareness, wisdom, and our connection to the Creator.

Being open is vital to enable you to access the vision of the seeds to plant during this last half of 2020. Their germination will determine the nature of your life for at least the rest of the decade. 

The vision for your life needs to have a buzz to it. Then we become excited about running towards our desired outcome.

Which is where your crown chakra plays a crucial role.

It is responsible for the link between you and the Creator. Physical symptoms when blocked include poor co-ordination, chronic tension headaches and exhaustion.

And yes, there are also apathy, self-destructive addictive tendencies and mental confusion.

In my story “Lacking Your Vision? No Connection To The Creator?” there is a link to a video I have made to help you clear the mental fog.

There are also six practices to rejuvenate your perspectives, create inner peace and clarity as to your vision. Opening to the full potential your crown chakra offers.

Then you can begin to create your New Earth.    

To Being Connected To Your Vision


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