Relationships And Money Troubles, No Control Of Your Life 😌

Trouble in your relationships with others? Feeling your external environment is controlling you? Perhaps you feel repressed from expressing your emotions and desires freely?

Have current events meant you felt you had passed control of your life to others?

Have they highlighted issues in your relationships with others?

Perhaps you now feel you can no longer express your emotions and desires freely?

Maybe you think of yourself as sexually frigid… or the opposite: struggle with low libido?

Controlling Your Relationships  

Is your life always full of drama as you react to the emotion around you? Do you struggle with compulsive, addictive behaviours?

All of these will be felt in the lower abdomen, exactly four fingers below the navel known as the sacral.

The second chakra relates to emotional and sexual energy in the body and our ability to flow with change – very relevant as we progress through this year let alone the rest of the decade!

Listed in my storyRelationships And Money Troubles, No Control Of Your Life” published on are symptoms that arise in the sacral. They link to the fear of being controlled by another or of losing control of others, your money, or your authority.

And Yes There is Money

When your sacral is imbalanced you will face financial challenges such as finding it difficult to earn and also save money!

When your chakra is balanced and active, then you will easily become a money magnet. As an entrepreneur, customers are attracted to you as well as sales closed.

Not sure the actions to take, I invite you to a discovery call to free you to control the direction of your life. I have a few openings left in the  two weeks from 1st June, so Take Action NOW to explore possibilities.

More is set out in my story Relationships And Money Troubles, No Control Of Your Life” as are some suggestions to inspire you to create harmony in your sacral chakra.

To Your Life of Wonderful Relationships,


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