Now Is The Moment To Open Your Doorway To Destiny ☝️


June is the moment for new beginnings, and the question is, which part of your life do you want to focus on first?

It maybe you would like to make some small changes? Starting slow and not rushing anything?

The Cosmos has other ideas for us all!

Hence the current extra long eclipse cycle with three eclipses back to back over four weeks.

For this is a period of great change for humanity. Including the call for all to be treated equally.

The quantum of the change underway is evidenced by three planetary movements helping move us beyond the tipping point. Details are in Now Is The Moment To Open Your Doorway To Destiny”.

Push Open The Door To Your Destiny

The full moon in Sagittarius reveals something to us about what we believe, how we operate, and how all is subject to change. Other planetary alignments mean it will bring frustration and conflict to a head.

We are being invited to heal and transform by seeing new perspectives rather than repeating old stories.

The first of the three eclipses offers us the opportunity to imagine, and initiate creation of new realities.

Making the most of what is being offered requires each of us to initiate Our Vision.

In Now Is The Moment To Open Your Doorway To Destiny” is a four step formula to help you to create this and so evolve.

A lunar eclipse helps us speed up the inevitable! This one is asking you to dismantle the story of all your relationships – with yourself and so all of humanity.

June is one of the best periods in 2020 for taking action. The energy of July is to set the wheels in motion as your destiny can only evolve as you Take Action.

As set out in the Message from Source the form of the New Earth is emerging, though: “The greater is the action, then the sooner will the new be initiated.”

Not sure the actions to take, I invite you to a discovery call to free you to grow in the direction of your choice. I have a few openings left in the  two weeks from 8th June, so Take Action NOW to explore possibilities.

To Your Destiny


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