How to Stay Focused on What You Desire? 😕


A Focused Third Eye Will Create Harmony In Your Life

As we move our thought patterns beyond fear and integrate the new practice of navigating our way around with masks etc., sheltering at home is still the norm.

A new paradigm though is emerging.

This is your mission for 2020. For the seeds planted in 2020 will determine the nature of your life for at least the rest of the decade. 

Which means of all the years we have or will experience, this is the one where clarity and focus is vital.

Yes we need a vision for our life, we become excited about setting the outcome. Then as I know myself all too often…

life happens.

And in the midst of the chaos, the outcome or objective we have set is forgotten.

When you forget to focus on what it is you desire, then slowly stop completing the daily habits that will carry you there.

Your desired outcome is as simple as staying FOCUSED on it, and having CLARITY as to the actions needed to reach it.

Which is where your third eye plays a crucial role.

It is responsible for the link between your mind and the outer world. Embodying your ability to see both your inner and outer worlds. Allowing you to experience clarity of thought and self-reflection.

When your 6th chakra, or third eye, is blocked or underactive, it can adversely affect your ability to concentrate, process information, or remain calm under pressure. When blocked, it can often cause fear of the unknown.

I have written the story How to Stay Focused on What You Desire?” to inspire you to access Secret #6, which answers the question: “How do I achieve clarity and focus.”

Your Ears, Eyes and Nose Will Let You Know

The lack of a sense of purpose could manifest in issues of seeing or hearing clearly, life seeming to be a perpetual mental whirligig of distraction!

The third eye is associated with: the brain, forehead, brow, eye, nose, pineal and pituitary glands, and the carotid nerve plexus. Hence why apart from issues with the brain, physical symptoms often include the ears, eyes, and nose.

One of the most painful being cluster headaches.

These are messages from your body you need to take action to bring it into alignment.

In my story “How to Stay Focused on What You Desire?” is a link to a video I have made to help you gain greater clarity.

There are also some ways to enable you achieve alignment with the potential your third eye offers.

Then with clarity and focus you can begin creation of your new paradigm.    

To Clarity and Focus in Your Life


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