The Revolution In Your Lifetime Has Begun 😍

Revolution In Your Lifetime

Felt stalled or uninspired, the full moon rising on 7th May  wants to help you envision a better future, to initiate a revolution in your lifetime.

To enable you to tease into creation the objectives and actions that will help you manifest it.

Yes, this seems the most uncertain era any of us can recall. Uncertainty exists everywhere we turn.

That said, I am certain that I have the power every day to wake up, work in the way I desire, have a positive attitude, and make a difference in this world.

This moon in the water sign Scorpio is the most positive full moon of 2020. It puts us into connection with unseen intelligences.

“The Revolution In Your Lifetime Has Begun” is my summary of what is emerging and what each of us needs to address during this period of reset, renewal, and revitalisation.

Find A Quiet, Safe Place

Allow yourself to simply “be” during this revolution in your world. It is in the quiet safe space you will consolidate the step you have just made.

This will help many who are experiencing for the first time the “Dark Night of the Soul”. Others are adjusting to a greater depth of presence as they embody a higher level of awareness and connection.

In addition to deep emotional security, the Sun in Taurus brings a flow of money owed to you. There is also support for you writing, to express yourself.

There is also a focus on your responsibilities, particularly your duties as they relate to your dependents and career.

A further Message From Source in this story “The Revolution In Your Lifetime Has Begun” provides a sense as to our direction.

To Creating Your Change


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