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Life Of Harmony

We have chosen to live during this period of transformation. It provides an incredible opportunity for each of us to pause, go slower, cultivate simplicity in our lives.

Yes it is also creating frustration. That though is because to effect a change we needed to stop. Whilst I believe completely in the phrase: “This too shall pass,” that is not to say it will return to what we recall as “normal.”

Before rushing back to re-create the way you recall life as it was in December 2019, I invite you to stop. Reflect a little longer and contemplate what you have learned about yourself in this period of pause.

Already I note some businesses are announcing changes they will make to their organisation and structure. For example not centralising in large office blocks. Some countries are also seeking ways to maintain their cleaner air.

My suspicion is the popular demand for change could radicalise politics faster than it did after the financial crisis in 2007-09.

Our ability to be in the flow of this change rather than reacting to it because of its perceived adverse effect is going to challenge many.

The key I have learnt is to listen to my body. It always has messages for me as to whether or not there is harmony in my life.

Lack of harmony indicates stress somewhere in our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

These blocks create a lack of harmony between what you are doing and your values and mission. Often manifesting in a pain or illness, usually as inflammation in a part of your body.

This correlates to a block or imbalance in the energy flowing around it. To help ensure you can identify their cause as the ”new normal” emerges, I decided to write a series of stories based on my The Seven Secrets To Living In Harmony.

“How To Live A Life Of Harmony is the first one. It sets out part of the story as to how I came to write the book and my purpose in doing so.    

When we have harmony in our life we no longer are controlled by our turbulent mind.

When the mind is in a turbulent situation…

…emotion runs high, it will lead you to react impulsively

…to be easily carried away with emotions and your awareness at the present moment is lost…

…for its uncontrolled thoughts drain out the life force energy in you, leaving you completely tired, frustrated and exhausted.

My intent is the first post and the coming seven help you discover your inner peace and strength ahead of the return of forced change in December.

They will also help you alter your own mindset. Perhaps from one of scarcity to one of abundance.

In addition to reading the post you can assist the process by reflecting on these two questions:

  1. Where am I now? What have I learned about my body, my needs, my joy?
  2. What feels important for my life and my mission?

Something important is emerging right now – for your body, your path, your soul.

It is your choice whether you remain in its flow or seek to hold it back.

ReadingHow To Live A Life Of Harmony” may help prepare you. You will be amazed at the power not following the turbulent mind has on your ability to gain access to answers from Source.

Never before have opportunities for release, rebirth and breakthroughs been so easy and so supported by all of Creation.

Guard against distractions, drama or being complacent.

Your Light is here to Shine, not to be hidden!


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