Quinta Da Luz has been created from the granite stones of a forester’s watch tower to provide a home and location for visitors to enjoy peace and calm and find themselves. Whether through watching the never ending changes on the Serra or just listening the tinkle of water at one of the seven chakra ponds. In addition to offering visitors bed and breakfast, the Quinta facilities are available for hire by those seeking to use its presence to add to their own special occasion. For further details contact Caroline via the online contact form.

Enjoy our ever changing mountain view, need the peace and calm? Desire to write your book, take some stunning photographs, cycle or walk in the countryside or across the highest mountain in Portugal? Quinta da Luz has luxury accommodation where you can enjoy all of these and more.

Take breakfast on the terrace before setting off to explore the local sights or wander around the garden. Rejuvenate yourself through one of our retreats. Quinta da Luz has an unique presence where visitors often stay for longer than planned due to its calm, peaceful energy of wellbeing. Various modalities such as massage and energy work are available regularly during your stay. For details about rooms visit the ‘About your Stay’ page.

If you wish to make a booking you can do so via the Accommodation Booking Form.

Forthcoming Events


Weaving Circle – Weaving Your Real Self

On 17th June  the Quinta is hosting Ana Alpande´s Weaving Circle – for Portuguese speakers. In this circle you will join the ancient art of weaving, with creative coaching and personal mythology in the form of an Amulet. The Amulet represents Invocation. A call for change. Where words cannot reach, a mythic pattern that speaks from your heart through your hands. The Amulet is an invocation to awaken to the need for change.

During the weaving circle you will: learn how to set up, weave and finish a simple form on a frame loom; have created a piece of art that represents your higher will, your deepest dream, and that holds and protects the new energy that you want to bring to life; an an Amulet that you can use as a piece of jewellery. For more details visit our Forthcoming Events page or Ana on Facebook.

Create Your Destiny

Gregory´s workshop from 28th to 30th July is to assist those who appreciate their lives will flow far more easily once there is alignment between their purpose and their daily actions, he has brought together into Create Your Destiny the ability for you to discover your purpose. More than that how you can Create your Destiny.

Whether it is love, health, freedom or wealth, all can created through your own actions.

We will use the Mayan calendar to identify the potentials and wisdom your soul is seeking to acquire and develop during this lifetime. Known as the Nawal, in Mayan culture this was a very sacred and powerful revelation given by the shaman. I o discover powerful techniques you can use to help yourself (and your clients) finally…uncover your purpose and ensure your desires align with it. This will ensure your actions no longer sabotage your ability to have more wealth, more love, better health, and more freedom in your life.

You will join in guided journey work to discover and create your destiny.

This is not only possible, it is how we were designed to live! No longer holding yourself back, instead learning how to ask, seek, knock, and act from your highest vision.

Yoga at the Quinta

Exploring Yoga Day – 24th June

The Quinta is hosting Fran Moulder´s one daye event. It is suitable for all, especially if you already have an interest in Yoga and perhaps would like to delve a little deeper into it as a lifestyle, as opposed to just a weekly class?

As well as practising asanas and learning about their benefits, the day will incorporate some partner Yoga which is a recent addition to Fran´s regular class. We will be delving a little deeper into certain groups of asanas, for example balances, to increase focus and concentration.

You will have a chance to learn different breathing techniques (pranayama) and their benefits. For example, there is a great and simple breathing technique called Sheetali, which can greatly help you handle the Summer heat!

You will further understand the significance and importance of chanting AUM and have two sessions of the beautiful practice of Yoga Nidra (to understand more about Yoga Nidra and for a free session – http://serrayoga.com/blog/)


Each Friday evening at around 17.00 Fran Moulder holds a yoga session at the Quinta. All are welcome to join, the focus is usually on stretching and helping maintain our flexibility. Click here for some recent images on Facebook. Depending on who attends, we often finish the evening with some impromptu music and singing!

The yoga session is held in our ‘Casa’ with a donation of €7 per person.

For more details contact Caroline via the online contact form.

Retreats – 2017

The Quinta is hosting Fran Moulder´s Yoga Retreats. These five day full board retreats provide two hours of yoga each morning and afternoon. There will also be Yoga Nidra meditations. In between you simply enjoy the peace and calm of the Quinta, perhaps watching the ever changing Serra view or take a walk in the surrounding area. Or, book a massage or energy work. To find the date which suits you visit our Forthcoming Events page.

For more details contact Fran at Serra Yoga, or Caroline via the online contact form.

Gregory holds three day events in various locations around the world, including the Quinta. Each is designed to enable you to create your life of harmony. At core this means addressing beliefs which are limiting your life. For many they will appear as pain and discomfort, physical as well as emotional.

Wish to Discover your Inner Realms?

Have you ever wondered what is shamanism? What is journey work? How do I meet the guides and power animal I am told I have? What is sacred space?

This Shamanics in Portugal event will enlighten you and empower you to be yourself. If you feel called to change any part of your life – or even its direction? Or, seeking to know and move closer to who you really are? Not living to your full potential? Then why not investigate more:

21st/22nd October 2017 there will be Discovering the Inner Realms…a Journey into Shamanism. It will provide you with powerful, effective tools to let you tap into the unseen world for insight and healing which requires no external authority, intermediary, or even beliefs.

This event is held at the Quinta so that all may experience the different energies of our medicine wheel, labyrinth and stone circle. If wishing to stay at the Quinta let us know when you make your booking.

For more details contact Gregory at the Quinta or visit www.shamanicsinportugal.com.

If you would like to know more about what is evolving at our sister location, then visit Bosque Verde´s Facebook page.

Desire to change, yet no time to?

Do you feel unable to make the next step in your life and so your business or career?
If so, then Gregory´s intensive coaching retreat here at the Quinta is many steps deeper than the VIP days he holds.

All coaching is a deep and personal process, commit to spending four consecutive coaching days with us at the Quinta then we guarantee you will look, feel and be different by the end of these four days. The retreat is for seven days in total so that you can integrate all that has been achieved before you step back away from the Quinta.

Being coached whilst you enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Quinta also means it is possible for those empowering ad hoc conversations to just happen! Recognising you may wish your accountability partner, colleague or friend to also benefit, the retreat is for two.

To read some Testimonials and more details visit www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com or contact Gregory at the Quinta.