Welcome to Quinta da Luz

Quinta da Luz was created from the granite stones of a forester’s watch tower to provide a home and location for visitors to enjoy peace and calm and find themselves. Whether being fascinated by the never ending changes of light on Portugal´s highest mountain, Serra da Estrela, as it becomes blue, green, purple or simply hides in cloud.

Then, perhaps just sitting listening to the tinkle of water at one of the seven chakra ponds.

Our mission is to ensure all who visit depart feeling inner peace. And, yes a place for calm, rehabilitation and retreat. The Quinta facilities are also available for hire by those seeking to use its presence to add to their own special occasion. For further details contact Caroline via  the online contact form.

Quinta da Luz Offers

✩✩✩ As well as enjoying our ever changing mountain view, guests can stroll in the  garden, walk in the surrounding woods and open spaces and enjoy the starry skies and spectacular sunsets. Maybe writing your book as Gregory has, taking some stunning photographs, cycle or walk in the countryside or across the highest mountain in Portugal? Then there is the moon to watch rising over the Serra da Estrela, using one of our set of Divination cards, or asking for guidance?

✩✩✩ Rehabilitate and revitalise yourself through the Quinta´s healing energy. We have luxury accommodation where you can enjoy all of these and more.

✩✩✩ Take breakfast on the terrace before setting off to explore the local sights. Rejuvenate yourself through a retreat to recharge your batteries, to escape from city life and for those who are seeking direction to accelerate their life. Aided by the presence of Nature all around you, from bird song, the trees to our views.The Quinta Casa

✩✩✩ The Quinta is totally off-grid – all the energy comes from solar panels, and the water is from our wells. The water used is cleaned in a reed bed and put back onto the land. As it is a living system, we provide bio degradable soaps and shampoos as chemical petroleum based products harm the microbial life. We collect rainwater from our roof to irrigate the garden and horta – vegetable garden.

✩✩✩ The Quinta faces South toward the peak of Serra da Estrela. It is 500 mts to Lajes and accessed by a rural road. It has vineyards to the East and West, woodland to the North and grassland and trees to the South. More details with links and directions can be found here.

✩✩✩ Quinta da Luz has an unique presence where visitors often stay for longer than planned due to its calm, peaceful energy of wellbeing. Various modalities such as  craniosacral therapy, energy work, shamanic ceremonies and massage, including shiatsu are available to help clear away any debris. There is also a house guitar should you feel the need to strum or drum.

The Area Offers…

Caroline at Vale do Rossim
Caroline viewing Vale do Rossim

✩✩✩ River beaches, hiking, boating are at Vale do Rossim, skiing at the peak of the Serra, typical stone villages and attractions such as Linhares with its castle. Those who enjoy exploring nature and unravelling the history of the region will find Celtic sites as well as Roman remains.

✩✩✩ The Oliveira bedroom is en-suite with a king size double bed. The Estrela bedroom has two singles and the Zen bedroom one single bed. All three rooms are along a private corridor on the ground floor. On the upper floor are two en-suite bedrooms with king size double beds. The Lajes bedroom faces East and the Serra bedroom looks out to the South East at the peak of Serra da Estrela itself. We also have a travel cot for those visiting with their little one. 

For more details about rooms visit the ‘About your Stay’ page

If you wish to make a booking you can do so via the Accommodation Booking Form.

Gregory Twice A #1 Best-Selling Author

In the personal development space, Transforming Your Life II was co-authored with 21 others in 2019. Each writes about a moment in their lives when they overcame limitations to achieve what their soul desired.
The authors include paralympians, professional bodybuilders, CEO’s of companies and a shaman – Gregory. The title of his chapter is “CEO to Shaman”.

During the launch it achieved #1 status in 12 countries, ranging from Australia to the USA and UK via India and Japan. In the Amazon categories such as biography, self-help and spirituality and religion, the book achieved 108 #1 best seller status across all Amazon markets.

The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony

Gregory´s first book achieved #1 best-seller status when published in 2014. It details how Gregory learnt his body was sending him signals only he was not listening, with the result he was experiencing pain and dis-comfort.  Once he  began to listen life became easier and more joyful.

The lessons, science and changes he had effected led him in the year after arriving in Portugal to write The Seven Secrets. The purpose being to outline his experiences so others could also benefit. It contains case studies of how using shamanic practices and other tools has changed the lives of clients and their businesses.

Gregory´s blog post “How To Live A Life Of Harmony” provides an introduction. 

Guidance is available on how to make this transformation – if you so choose! Then you will be able to accelerate how you desire your life, both personal and business, to be!

In addition to Amazon, the Seven Secrets in pdf format is available from Gregory´s  Creating Harmony site should you wish to be inspired.

Let him know if you need any help? Just press the contact button to email him.

Forthcoming Events

Details of the shamanic ceremonies Gregory performs at the Quinta and elsewhere can be found at the Shamanic CEO.

The Vision Quest for 2020 is from 18th to 21st September. The Introduction to Journeying the morning of 18th September.

Other events include:

Workshops in 2020

Expand My Vision

✩✩✩ The focus of this event is to expand your awareness of energy and so access to insights. One of the techniques taught will be shamanic journeying. There will also be the opportunity to connect with your future self.

During the event on 9th and 10th October you will:

✩ Extend your awareness and connection into the unseen world for insight and the unknown.
✩ Be introduced to the shamanic experience of journeying, meeting your guides, power, spirit and totem animals.
✩ Learn powerful, effective tools to let you tap into the unseen world for insight and healing which requires no external authority, intermediary, or even beliefs. and empower you to be yourself. 
✩ Experience journeying to meet other versions of yourself and receive initiation into the Inner Circle of Light

This event is held at the Quinta so that all may experience the energies of our medicine wheel, labyrinth and stone circle. For more details and to book  visit Shamanics in Portugal´s Facebook events page. Wish to stay at the Quinta let us know when you make your booking.

For more details contact Gregory at the Quinta or visit www.shamanicceo.com.

Find Your Place In Your Life With Family Constellations

✩✩✩ This is an unique opportunity to focus for all friends who live around Seia to start 2020 free from being held back by past events. Rather to lead a life of freedom within your family and every other aspect of your life.

This one day workshop focuses on shifting what you desire to let go. Are you ready to do so?

Orianne Corman  will lead participants to be free of such restrictions and so able to live life as you desire. The process focusing on the Constellation our beliefs create around us. By identifying and shifting this so a new, freer Constellation in Harmony can be created.

✩✩✩ To help you understand how your own Constellation is unconsciously directing your life and how this was created by past events.

✩✩✩ To recognise how once there is awareness, your Constellation can be amended.

✩✩✩ To participate in exercises to amend the Constellation of attendees ready to make such shifts.

The date for the next one is yet to be confiremed, bring a meal to share afterwards. For more details and to book  visit our Facebook events page

For more details contact Gregory at the Quinta or visit www.shamanicceo.com.

Retreats – 2020

Gregory and Caroline in the Garden

Gregory holds several day events in various locations around the world, including the Quinta. Each is designed to enable you to create your life of harmony. At core this means addressing beliefs which are limiting your life. For many they will appear as pain and discomfort, physical as well as emotional.

Desire to Change, Yet No Time to?

Do you feel unable to make the next step in your life and so your conscious business or career? If so, then Gregory´s intensive Transform and Create Retreat here at the Quinta is many steps deeper than the VIP days he holds.

The focus of this retreat is to move you immediately beyond beliefs limiting your ability to create your vision for your life of harmony. Knowing your calling and so accelerating your life and your business by using your unique abilities, gifts and skills

It is an intensive seven night retreat.

Including Four Consecutive Days Coaching

Transform and CreateAll coaching is a deep and personal process. Commit to being in retreat for seven days with us at the Quinta, then we guarantee you will look, feel and be different by the end of them. Four days of intensive coaching are included to bring about at least the transformation you desire. The other days are to enable you to integrate all that has been achieved before you step away from the Quinta.

Being coached whilst you enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Quinta also means it is possible for those empowering ad hoc conversations one visitor beautifully described as “kitchen coaching”. Another said how valuable  he  found the chats whilst making tea! Recognising you may wish your accountability partner, colleague or friend to also benefit, the retreat is for two.

To read some Testimonials and more details visit www.shamanicceo.com or contact Gregory at the Quinta.

Yoga at the Quinta

“Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence” – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Quinta da Luz YogaFran Moulder often holds a yoga sessions at the Quinta. All are welcome to join, the focus is usually on stretching and helping maintain our flexibility. Click here for some recent images on Facebook. Depending on who attends, we often finish the evening with some impromptu music and singing!

For more details contact Caroline via the online contact form.

Yoga Retreats

The Quinta hosts Fran Moulder´s Yoga Retreats. These five day full board retreats provide two hours of yoga each morning and afternoon. There will also be Yoga Nidra meditations. In between you simply enjoy the peace and calm of the Quinta, perhaps watching the ever changing Serra view or take a walk in the surrounding area. Or, book a massage or energy work. To find the date which suits you visit our Forthcoming Events page.